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Ganeshman Singh Multiple (GMS) Campus

Ganeshman Singh (GMS) Multiple Campus affiliated to T.U. and HSEB established in 2064, is a unique educational institution of joint efforts by an academic team. It is the outcome of popular will and enthusiasm for quality and affordable education at higher level. In the process of addressing the demand of this modern educational environment, GMS Multiple Campus is equipped with high academic excellence and also incorporated the best educational apparatus, techniques and other means.

GMS Multiple Campus seeks to establish itself as an innovative academic institution providing outstanding teaching, training and research services in the field of management, humanities and education. This outmost principle of the campus is to provide quality education at affordable fee to develop students as morally, culturally, socially and academically integrated individuals. Our remarkable success in running bachelor’s programme has inspired us to lunch to Plus two (+2) programme. Therefore, GMS Multiple Campus offers +2 and bachelor courses in a peaceful environment.

GMS Multiple Campus as a consolidated team of academic professionals contributing for more than a decade in imparting quality education in various renowned colleges of the country is really a collective effort to address national need and aspiration of skilled human resources. So, GMS Multiple Campus welcomes to all desiring individuals to materialize their dream in the faculties of Management, Humanities and Education.


  • Providing sound professional education to students in order to enable them to share the value and responsibilities in the learning process.
  • Making students capable to strive for academic and professional excellence.
  • Building up creativity, confidence and positive attitude in the students.
  • Developing national and international awareness to make the students responsible member of their community.

Salient Features

  • Competent and experience faculties dedicated to the students
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Frees from political disturbances and located in peaceful and clean environment
  • Well managed classrooms and library
  • Extra-curricular activities, educational tour
  • Regular counseling service
  • Regular internal assessments for the students in order to get them prepared for their final examination
  • Innovative and participatory teaching methodology
  • Periodical parents-teachers interaction programs to monitors the progress if the students
  • Outstanding results in board exams


Discipline and academic process are indispensable to each other. So, GMS views disciplinary process and academic process as an integral part. The campus administration its staffs and the students are equally responsible for the overall development of the campus. The campus expects all students to behave in a decent manner. The campus won’t compromise with any breaking of campus code of conduct by the students. All the students must follow the following rules and regulations,

  • All the students must enter the campus on scheduled time
  • Students must enter the campus with proper uniform. They must be clean and tide.
  • Students must enter the campus identity card while entering into campus premises.
  • Minimum 75% attendance is required to enroll in the final examination
  • Students must approve their leave application from their guardians to live on leave
  • No political activities are allowed in the campus premises
  • Any damage caused to the campus property must be compensated by the concerned students.


  • Coat, Tie, Shirt, Pant, Black Belt, White Socks, Black Leather Shoes, Black Sweater
  • Kalanki, Kathmandu , Nepal
  • 01-4234240, 01-4234937
  • gmscampus@gmail.com
  • www.gmscampus.edu.np

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